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Thursday: Don’t-Pack-Your-Lunch-Day!

Head over on your lunch break (11am-1pm) and enjoy a free lunch by the famous Chef Christine (formerly of Palatte)! Come munch on fresh, chopped salads, sandwiches and treats while shopping our brand, new garden shop!

around the shop

We have so many fun little treasures around the store these days, 
I think I would like one of everything for Easter, please.  

 All of our little food items certainly make for the sweetest gifts.  One little item as a hostess gift or a big bowl full of everything for a birthday or anniversary.  Or to fill an adult Easter basket?

Come in to the store and see all these lovelies for yourself!  We always love to see you!

Also, please note the store hours this week.  We close on Friday at 2:00 and Saturday at 4:00, then we will be back here Monday morning, ready to see your smiling faces!

california dreamin’

With a little trip to Carmel coming up and family visiting Phoenix in June, it looks as though I won’t be getting to Balboa until July this year (not that I’m complaining…).  However, looking through all these old pictures has me longing to be there right now sitting on my front porch drinking a glass of wine…  soon enough.  I guess I will just have to do something super fun this weekend right here in Phoenix…  any suggestions?

For the moment, however, I will just keep dreaming of sleeping back in this bed…

And running on this beach…
(running in the figurative sense – more just relaxing, but you get the idea…)

Who else is excited about summer with me?

a little before and after

Kathy from T.C. Eggington’s (a delicious breakfast restaurant in Mesa) stopped in the store to ask for some help with her hutch at the restaurant (you can see the before above).  She was so pleased with how easy it was to transform.  Keeping her palate clean and white helped show off their jams and made everything look fresh and new.  
Thanks, Kathy, for shopping with us!  You were a pleasure to help!


january in phoenix

Well, this is what January in Phoenix looks like.  Bike rides, sunshine, drinks on the patio…
I’m not going to lie, it’s really nice.
Plan a visit and while you are here stop by the Willows and see us!
We will tell you about all our favorite local shops and restaurants :)
had to take a selfie after the group shot :)

boxes and boxes and boxes…

We found all sorts of fabulous boxes on our buying trip to High Point that are currently in the shop.  
We are so charmed by each and every different, unique little one.  
Come choose your favorite to take home today!

a baby shower {part two}

After all the decorating and preparing for the shower, I must say we had a great time at the actual party.  So many people came to celebrate with Jen and share in her joy.  We are all so excited to meet sweet Bella!

Christine made delicious panna cotta, however as soon as it was topped with berries and garnished with a cookie, I was too busy devouring it to get a picture.  Even thinking about it now, my mouth is watering…
Check out the personalized label made by Krista…

Thank you so much to everyone who came!  We hope you had a wonderful time!

balboa 2011 – the beach {part 1}

Needless to say, when you spend a week in California with 16 kids (and 10 grown-ups, too), most of your time is spent at the beach and in the ocean.  Oh, what a life these little ones have!  And no complaints on my part, either.  These pictures all just make me so happy to look at!

an 80th birthday

This weekend was my father-in-law’s 80th birthday and we celebrated with a big bash at my sister-in-law’s house.  Everything was decorated so perfectly.  My favorite were the big photos she had printed and displayed in old window frames…

She also, just so happens to have an amazing brick pizza oven on her back patio!

So pizzas were being made throughout the evening and different family members brought salads, so we all ate til our bellies were stuffed.  The kids ran around the yard with cousins, there was an ongoing slideshow of old family pictures and, of course, we all gathered around to sing happy birthday to the man who made this huge family possible.  It was a wonderful celebration.

My sister-in-law also had this awesome table made from old pallets…
And this cute little bench made from a leftover support beam…
Such a cute house and such a great party!

design {home office}

This is not your typical home office.
The key to our design approach here was to focus on the mixing and layering of elements.
One example of this is seen in mixing the chairs in the room, one slipcovered highback chair, a settee with arm and leg exposed, mixed with a little iron and wood garden chair.  

Mixing the feminine with function to get a productive working environment.
Shop around to find unique containers to group your things together.