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california no.1: laguna supply.

In honor of the summer love I am feeling these days and to get myself excited about heading to the beach for most of the summer, I thought it might be fun to start keeping track of some of my favorite California spots.  Just a few of my favorite places to shop or grab a bite to eat.  And it may be fun to keep collecting them throughout the summer…  we’ll see.
First up, Laguna Supply.  I actually only discovered this little treasure recently, but it quickly won my heart.  If you are in the area, do stop by and see them.  Tell them we sent you!

Do you have any favorites in California, that I absolutely must not miss?  Please, do share!  I love trying out new restaurants and exploring new shops!

unexpected delivery day…

What the back room looks like when we get a call that a shipment will be there in five minutes!  Pack it all in!
Be on the lookout for lots of new finds in the store!

around the shop

Our always changing shop is looking different almost everyday.  Here are some of the latest…

holiday homes

Don’t you love going to people’s homes during the holidays to see how they decorate?  I could look at homes all day long…  Here is a peek into one of my favorites…

local lily’s summer guide

Have you downloaded your Local Lily’s Guide to an {Arizona} Summer that doesn’t Suck?  It is full of all the greatest places to eat, shop and generally be this summer to beat the heat and have a good time in Arizona.  We were ever so flattered to be included…

Head on over and download your free copy to stay in touch with all the places to stay cool this summer!

garden hunting in new york

We spent Thursday on the hunt for all things green and garden-y.  We found the most amazing row of shops in Chelsea.  Not boutique garden shops, but throw it all in there and dig for what you need kind of shops.  We were told these are where all the designers get their things for photo shoots and the selection is endlessly inspiring.  We are dreaming up so many exciting new twists for our own little garden shop, we cannot even wait!  We walked all over, shopped and, of course, stopped for a delicious lunch at Le Pain Quotidien.  Another great day!  I cannot believe we are leaving so soon!  Is it too early to plan another trip back?  Who’s with me?

Do you see that little tree on top of this building…
We couldn’t help but wonder if there will be a beautiful rooftop garden up there come spring.
Do you think you could live in New York with a little bit of greenery in a window box or indoors, or are you the type of person that absolutely needs to have open space with gardens, trees and grass?

i just love paper goods

Let’s all get back to the good old days of journalling and letter writing.  There is really nothing better than receiving a personal letter in the mail or looking back on handwritten notes in an old journal.
The Willows is here to help you throw it back to simpler days…
Stop in to buy a little something for your desk at home or gift some of these treasures to someone special.  
I bet you would get the coolest thank you note in return :)

around the garden shop

Hope to see lots of you in the New Year!

it’s here again!

The latest issue of our very favorite Jeanne d’Arc Living!  Hurry in to get your copy!  And, don’t forget, you can call the store or go to our online shop to order Jeanne d’Arc if you don’t live in the neighborhood!

more on the remodel front

So, remember when I shared with you about my son and his family in Chicago beginning a major remodel on the house they bought?  Well, things are moving right along (from this distance anyway…  I am sure it seems to them to be crawling).  So here is what the back of the house looked like in January…

and here it is now…

They just asked me for a suggestion for flooring in their mud room.
Hmmm, in Phoenix that’s not really something we ever have to deal with…
So, any cold climate folks have a good suggestion for a Chicago mudroom floor?
Also, my daughter-in-law is obsessed with built-in bunk beds…
What are your thoughts?