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missing cali

This last week was a crazy one.  I longed to be back at the beach without a care in the world.  
However, that’s not reality, so we just keep moving forward.  
These amazing grapes are growing outside my friend Laurie’s house.  Only in California could you grow something so amazing and make it look so simple.  These just grow so big and gorgeous right around her front door.  I love it.  What’s the best thing you have had luck growing here in Phoenix.  Basil, perhaps?  Do share!

get crafty

What do you say this Father’s Day we all get crafty and make dad something super special?
We have stamps and tape and ribbons and notebooks and all sorts of things to get those creative juices flowing, so come on in and we’ll help give you that extra inspiration…

feed bag giveaway

We are so grateful for our loyal customers and we love our FEED bags…
so, we’re combining the two.
FEED 1 Bag Giveaway
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(comment before midnight Thursday, Dec. 19th – winner announced Friday, Dec. 20th)

This FEED 1 Bag will supply 1 Child with 1 Year of School Meals.
Find out more about the FEED project mission.

the house of windsor

A couple weeks ago my daughter-in-law, Sara and I took a tour of Veranda Magazine’s newest showhouse in the LA area, the House of Windsor.  It is absolutely unreal.  Every single detail was mesmerizing.  And the stables?  Just plant me there, please.  I especially loved the gray and white marble floors in the main entry.  I am still trying to figure out a way to work them into my own home…  master bedroom, maybe?  We’ll see.  Anyway, the home will be featured in Veranda magazines October issue, so you really must get yourself a copy.  I can pretty much guarantee you will sit and drool over each and every picture of the House of Windsor for hours.  Days even, maybe.

(pictures from here)

we love games

We are a family that likes to play games.
Whether its our Christmas party games, Balbolympics at the beach, capture the flag in the yard, a board game with cousins or our all-family crossword on Thanksgiving.  
We love a little healthy competition around here :)
Nobody wanted the Chicago family to go :(

the pumpkin lady is at it again!

Ah, Fall is in the air…  ok, not really, but our favorite pumpkins are back!  Lynne Bonnell has delivered us some of her fabulous pumpkins yet again!  Hurry and get yours!  They always go fast!  
And, crafty as ever, look what else she’s up to…

Witches and goblins and festive buntings!
I can’t wait for Fall to really be here!

around the shop {part 1}

Always something new around here.  I just took these pictures on Monday and we are already rearranging the store, yet again.  We just can’t help ourselves, I guess…  
We have lots of new stuff in the store (as always) and lots of little Halloween goodies at the moment.  Hurry in!

the stand

If you haven’t been to the Stand yet, do yourself a favor and get on over there. 
Just down the street from the Willows, it has become our new favorite lunch spot.
My favorite is their short rib taco (I’m drooling just thinking about it),
but their burgers and fries are delicious, too.
And their milkshakes?  Don’t even get me started on their salted dulce de leche shake.
Oh, man.
And their homemade guacamole and salsa, and their strawberry lemonade, and…  
You get the idea.  It’s really, really good.
I think I know where I will be dining right when I get back to Phoenix…

outdoor bath

I cannot stop drooling over and dreaming of this amazing bathtub.
It really is the dreamiest…
{found on greige}

celebrating with the ones i love!

My oldest son and his family came in town for a long weekend, so we decided to have a little Valentine’s Day party with all the grandkids last Friday night.  I had some little helpers in my craft room that morning, so we made bags for each of the kids.  That night each child went around and dropped their valentine’s into everyone’s bag.  They had so much fun and with that many cousins, ended up with quite the goody-bag full!  (Some of my grandkids go to a really small school and were laughing that they had to make more valentines to share with their cousins than with their classmates!) We missed those that weren’t here (my son in Chicago with his wife and grandbaby number 20 due this summer and my daughter in Belgium), but it was wonderful to all be together!  Family is the best!
Hope you had a lovely Valentine’s Day!
The moms all needed goody bags, too! 
Grrrr, group pictures.  Oh, well.  We tried.