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more anthology goodness

Have you picked up your copy of the recent Anthology yet?  It is so, so good.  Stop by the store before we run out…  which we always do when this magazine hits the shelves.  I promise you, after reading it, you will be planning a picnic or outdoor dining experience in the very near future…

making chili for the crowds

When our Chicago cousins come to town, everyone is so excited to see them!  I always know we will have a full house of visitors and those anxious to hang out with them.  No one wants to cook, plus I’m never sure exactly how many people will show up, not to mention what all the different little picky-eaters will and won’t eat, so I always make a big pot of the world’s easiest chili.  This is the best go-to meal when you want it done fast, you need to feed a lot of people, and you want to make everyone happy.  
world’s easiest chili
- ground meat of your choice (sirloin, turkey, etc.)
- pork chops, cut into cubes
- ranch style beans (the secret ingredient)
- chili powder, salt and pepper to taste 
pour everything in a pot and cook.  see how easy that is.
then, make a buffet of toppings for everyone to choose from.
examples: cheese, corn, sour cream, radishes, zucchini, avocado, cilantro…
the list could go on and on.
the kids can have it plain with cheese, the dads can spice it up with tabasco, 
and everyone else can make it just the way they like :) 
happy crowd, happy hostess.
the secret ingredient :)
something here doesn’t belong…
a sure sign of lots of kids running around :)

design {bedroom}

In this client’s bedroom we mixed Bella Notte bedding with Ralph Lauren for that classic look that seems timeless.  A unique chandelier adds ambiance and pulls the whole feel of the room together beautifully.

A collection of frames on a bedside table…

And, everyone loves having their favorite furry friend sleeping close by :)

around the garden shop

Always new treasures to be discovered…

essence bakery

Have you been to the new Essence Bakery yet?
I used to drive out to the one in Tempe and then they ever so nicely opened a new bakery location just across Indian School from the Willows.  Too kind of them.  And a little dangerous, too…
I tell you, good things are happening along Indian School in Phoenix.  Lots of great local places popping up right around here.  And I am all about supporting the locals!
Back to Essence…  everything that comes out of this little french bakery is to die for.  They have the absolute yummiest (and prettiest) macarons.  Their pastries are amazing (I’m partial to that almond croissant…  just typing that I want to run over and get one).  And their breakfast and lunch items are delicious.  Most recently I had their Signature Sausage Turnover and Eggs…  just go treat yourself to one.  You will not be disappointed.
So, if you haven’t been yet, stop in for a latte and croissant, meet a friend for lunch or grab a box of macarons for your next party!
Baby’s first croissant.  As big as her head.

cp shades online!

Folks, we are pretty excited about this.  For those who haven’t heard, we are now offering CP Shades clothing online.  We get phone calls and emails ALL THE TIME from women all around the country about this amazing apparel line and we are now one of the only stores to offer CP Shades online!  Shipping can take possibly 2-3 weeks depending on availability and all sales are final, so please feel free to call the store for any assistance you may need or questions you may have before placing your order.  We can’t wait for you to discover this amazing line for yourself.  You will never want to wear anything else again!  Remember this video we posted of CP Shades a while back?  If you haven’t seen it, go give it a quick look.  And, of course, for those in Phoenix, come try on our in-store selection!  For everyone else, click here to start your online order!

celadon home giveaway!

We are so excited one of our very favorite flea market artists has agreed to do a giveaway with us!  Michelle of Celadon Home makes the most amazing one-of-a-kind personalized art for your home.  She has four main categories you can choose from in her etsy shop.  The first is a great option for a wedding or anniversary gift.  She makes your art piece from a color photo of the couple (whether it be you, friends or family) and vintage sheet music cut into these little hearts and arranged with the couple’s initials and wedding date (she also includes the original photo on the back of the frame with a note that the artwork was made from that picture).  Similar to this, her second option is a holiday gift for families.  She, likewise, takes a family photo of your choosing and arranges the photo hearts with two more hearts containing the family name and date established.  I love both of these ideas so much for that difficult to buy for person in your life. 
 The third option is one of the sweetest I have ever seen.  It is a personalized art piece made from your child’s artwork.  This would be the loveliest mother’s day gift, or a grandparents gift, or so sweet in a baby’s nursery (made by an older sibling, of course!)…  there are so many great possibilities for this idea.  And the last option is one of the coolest and more original ideas I have seen in a long time.  The wedding guest book option.  You receive a kit in the mail prior to your wedding of craft paper hearts, gel pens and an example for your guests of what the final product will look like.  Then you mail it back to the artist and she creates your original artwork with these hearts and vintage dictionary hearts.  What an amazing piece to have hanging in your home!  What I love so much about all of these is that from across the room they just look like a piece of art, but when you get up close you discover the beautiful personal details in them.  

Now, about that giveaway…
Visit Celadon Home on etsy, then come back here and leave a comment telling us which of these four options is your favorite.  That’s all! (Make sure you do it by Monday, September 12, though!)  Super easy.
Then, next tuesday we will announce the winner and that lucky person will get to choose one of these amazing options to have personalized just for them!
These are great options for Christmas gifts, so be that person you are always jealous of (whether you win or not) that gets a head start on their Christmas shopping!

baking sisters

Went to Lux this morning to see both my girls baking side by side!  Who would have thought that these sisters, 16 years apart, would someday be working together?  A love for baking certainly runs in the family!  
I am feeling like one proud mama right now!

something new for spring!

Spring is always the best time to freshen up your wardrobe!  Throw out all those old, unworn items in your closet and pack up all your sweaters (if you even got them out this year!).  Come in to the Willows’ apparel boutique and talk to the lovely Michelle to get all those new spring pieces and you will wear right into summer!  See you soon!

lookin’ good

We can’t help ourselves when we go to the apparel mart.  There is just too much good stuff and we come home so excited about absolutely everything we’ve ordered.  Mary has such amazing taste and knows how to put it all together perfectly.  If you need a personal shopper, she’s your gal.  We seem to have shipments coming in almost everyday of fabulous new lines we have picked up (as well as our old favorites!).  So, come in and get some new, awesome and unique items and let us help you spruce up your wardrobe with those key pieces that you will love forever!

One of the newest lines we are super excited about is the denim line Mother.  It is an awesome line and is getting rave reviews everywhere!  There’s a great skinny pair called The Looker and a skinny flare called The Runway.  They have already hit the shelves and are sure to go fast!
In addition to Mother, we always have our favorite, AG Jeans in stock!  We currently have lots of styles and colors of both Mother and AG coming soon!