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our design team!

Introducing  the Willows Design Team :
Beverly Burch, Willows store owner and visionary,  
Susan Rose, with an eye for beautiful objects and an eclectic aesthetic to put it all together, she has developed a very successful design business over the last 25 years.
Maggie VanDyke, the energetic, organized, and supportive  driving force.
These three women have come together, culminating in a unique  collaboration of creativity.
How does the process work?
It begins with Listening.  We recognize that each client’s desires and needs are specific to their lifestyle.  Our designers know that listening is a crucial part of crafting a distinctive style for each home.  After previewing the home and hearing what the client wants,… we develop our ideas into a Plan.
We offer a wide range of design services.  We can design an entire home or merely rearrange and re-purpose with the client’s existing objects.

The proper scale of furniture, the placement of each accessory, the inter-play of textures and layering, and the color tones become the framework for the scope of each project.
Editing, and Organizing are crucial in helping us to define your vision.       
We love incorporating  textured elements, architectural finds, beautiful mixtures, and essentials, that can be rustic yet elegant. All of these elements come together to define the space, as well as paint a memorable reflection of  personal style that our client’s love living in and sharing with friends and family.  The Willow’s design team strives to bring an individualized look to each client’s home which is truly a reflection of them. 
These changes can happen all at once, or slowly over a period of time. Our goal in working with our clients is for their home to be just as functional as it is beautiful.  
The objective of the Willow’s design team is to build a strong foundation for Phoenix women and their families by helping them to create a beautiful and inspired home environment.  This is why so many of our clients have come to us for design, and have remained as our friends.

when life gives you lemons…

Make lemonade!
Come check out all our lovely glasses and this wonderful new book “Homemade Summer” to start your spring and summer off right!

kim’s wedding flowers

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday weekend!  Mine was spent at a volleyball tournament most of the weekend, which I actually love.  Since my daughter started playing volleyball I have really come to love the sport.  And in down time between matches I bring all my magazines and never get bored for a minute!  Anyway, thank you all for your comments and emails about the new addition to the store!  I am so excited about it all and the endless possibilities.  I thought I would share the flower arrangements Krista and I made for Kim’s wedding just before Christmas.  We love using non-conventional containers for the flowers such as old boxes and other flea market finds.  So, what do you think?

Wednesday: “Garden Giveaway!”

In celebration of our Garden Shop, we are doing a “Garden Giveaway” today!
Stop by, say “Hello!”, and enter in for your chances to win!

and a wedding!

We had the most wonderful time this weekend celebrating the marriage of Paige and Robert!  
(Remember last April when we went to Italy for the engagement?)  Everything was beautiful and we had so much fun!  Paige looked gorgeous at the rehearsal dinner and absolutely stunning at the wedding!  
Congratulations you two!

 They had an entire dessert table at the reception…

flea markets and pop-up cafes

Well, I have to say this last Friday our Flea Market was quite a success!  We had all sorts of amazing vendors, a beautiful pop-up cafe from Chestnut Lane and a lovely crowd of shoppers!  All sorts of wonderful Christmas gifts were purchased and everyone seemed to be enjoying something delicious from Chestnut Lane.  It was a wonderful day and thank you so much to everyone who made it out!  

take me to paris!

Some of you may already be aware, but over at Oh, Happy Day there is quite the little giveaway going on…
a trip for 2 to Paris.
Can you even believe that?
Well, what are you waiting for, then?  Head over and enter to win.
And then when you do, I will be more than happy to go with you…
*all pictures from oh, happy day

its that time of year…

Oh, weddings.  Don’t you just love them?  And spring weddings most especially, I must say.  4 years ago in April, after being the mother-of-the-groom at three weddings, my oldest daughter got married.  I’m pretty sure when word of their engagement spread, one of my boys commented, “Oh, no.  Mom’s planning a wedding.”  Christine and I had so much fun planning this wedding together.  I am pretty sure it goes without saying that it was her favorite day ever, but I think it was one of mine also.  There is really nothing like a backyard family wedding.  Thanks for all the amazing memories, Christine!

Looking back at these makes me want to dig up all our old wedding pictures…  perhaps a future post.

balboa in the fall

Back to California for market this week and spent some time enjoying all the lovely signs of Fall.  We went to Roger’s Garden, my favorite nursery.  It is such a happy place.  They were making these amazing pumpkin planters.  So fun.  I wish we had a nursery like this in Phoenix!

As usual, I love the herb boxes.  Come out to the Willows to pick up one of our boxes to plant your own mini garden! Ask for Bev and I will be happy to share all my great tips!

And, of course, everyone had their pumpkins and all their fall decorations out all around the island.  I think it’s going to be hard to come home again…
So excited Fall is finally here!

Friday Madness! (it’s a little extra mad this time)

Out with the old, in with the new!
(*excluding furniture*)
It has been freshly restocked with loads of wonderful treasures!
We have decided to forgo having a Flea Market this Friday. This is due to the fact that we are just emerging from the hectic holiday season and we are all still unwinding from that, right?
However, in place of the flea market, we are going to make this Friday Madness our biggest yet!!
We are making room for all of the fabulous finds we have coming in for the new year.
This is one you don’t want to miss friends!