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grandparents’ day

the sweetest moment.  i love this picture.  ruby and her bop.

For those who don’t know, Brian and I have 19 grandchildren (with two more on the way this summer!).  We are so blessed to have all these wonderful children in our lives who we love so dearly and who so sweetly love us back.  A while back we were invited to Grandparent’s Day at the grade school of one of our grandchildren.  Each child had drawn a picture of one of their grandparents…
…you guessed it.
That is me as seen through the eyes of my 6 year old granddaughter.  
I love this drawing so much.  I can’t decide what my favorite detail is… the collagen lips, the floating eyebrows, the fantastic hair, the purple shirt with a giant flower in the middle…  
Really, I just love all the hearts floating all around.
I certainly am one blessed and very loved Gigi.  

t-shirt tuesday!

It’s T-shirt Tuesday again!
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“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” – Rachel Zoe

a happy mother’s day to me

This year I spent a lovely Mother’s Day at the Flea Market.  They just can’t keep me away from that place for long :) 
I hope all you moms did something you love for your big day!

always something new to be found…

willows’ style

Have you been following along with our style blog?  Michelle offers fashion tips, wardrobe suggestions and shows you what is the latest in the apparel shop.  We just posted about her littlest shopper today!  
Go have a peek and leave a comment!  Your support means so much to us!

another night of knitting

We are all getting better…  little by little.  
All thanks to Lynne Bonnell!
Now, we need to get another day on the calendar…  do I have any open days on my calendar?!!

around the shop

Have you been into the shop lately?
Come see us!

t-shirt tuesday!

It’s T-shirt Tuesday again!
Get 20% off all Michael Stars tees and tanks in the store today!
“Fashion fades, only style remains.” – Coco Chanel

a baby shower

While my son Alex and his wife Mary were in town over the weekend, we had a little baby shower for them as they are expecting their first baby this June.  I made a miniature rack and hung it with some baby clothes and asked our guests to bring books wrapped in brown paper to shower the sweet babe of these two English majors.  It was a lovely party with lots of friends and family.
We love you Al and Mary and sweet baby Evangeline! 


Before sending my daughter Emily off to Belgium, we stopped in California for a few days.  
The beach is my happy place and it was so nice to be there for a few quiet days before flying out to New York and having to say goodbye to my baby :(  
Anyway, whenever I am there I am reminded of how much I love some of the little details in our house there.  The tile in our downstairs bathroom was designed by a very dear family friend.  I even had his design sketch framed and it hangs in the house with some of his other sketches.  
I can’t quite explain it, but this bathroom tile just makes me smile…
in my happy place!
The beautiful photos on here were taken by my daughter Emily (the slightly blurry ones, by me:)).