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and just like that its gone…

Is Christmas really over?  I honestly cannot believe it.  Several weeks ago now, we had our family Christmas party with an outrageous scavenger hunt, dinner at Pizzeria Bianco, delicious desserts and a gift exchange back home.  It is always so fun to have a night all together, just adults to eat, drink and laugh like crazy.  Unfortunately, I don’t really have any pictures of the scavenger hunt, but I’m not so sure we should share all that craziness anyway.  From there it was one thing to the next straight through until Christmas and then off to California for a week to ring in the new year.  With the madness that is always the holidays between family and the store, then throw on top some other things we had going on in our lives, the time has just flown by.  And this poor little blog has been neglected through it all.  So, hopefully the New Year will find us some time to get things going around here again.  Did you miss us?  We missed you!  

give thanks!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend full of family, friends and lots and lots of delicious food!  We had a lovely day and, luckily, the slight showers that kept coming on and off all day never turned into actual rain, so we were able to eat outside as planned.  Everyone brought different dishes and we had so much wonderful food to share.  I feel so blessed to look down this long table at so many faces that I love!  What a wonderful holiday to remind us to really appreciate all that we have!  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

We had quite a full table…

And, of course, I couldn’t pass up a little craft to keep the kids busy…
More to come on these fun little “snow globes” and how to make them yourself!
Also, mark your calendars for this Friday’s First Friday Flea Market.
We have all sorts of amazing things planned from fabulous vendors to crafts for you to delicious food.  Stay tuned for all the details!  You won’t want to miss it!

Willows’ Holiday Gift Guide 2011

For the mom who loves her kitchen (and her wine)…
Our “Vin” stemless wine glasses.
Our “Vin” wine carafe.
Wine charms.
Tartine cookbook.
A beautiful dish towel. 
 For your luxurious friend…

A Bella Notte bathrobe.

Amazing sea salts.
Any of our lovely Jewel-ya necklaces.
The perfect candle to make her home smell delicious for the holidays.

For your artsy sister…
A FEED bracelet that comes in the perfect little coin pouch.
A FEED bag for trips to the farmer’s market.
Anniel Booty shoes.
One of our amazing Dos Fannies necklaces or bracelets.
For your organized friend…
Any of the awesome treasures in our stationary section.
A stylish binder.

A modern file organizer.
 A 2012 calendar pad.
An array of fun (and useful) decorative tapes.
A stamp set.

For those amazing little ones in your life…
A little friend to snuggle with on chilly nights.
The coolest back pack around.
Magnetic wooden blocks.
Please don’t hesitate to call the store if you have any questions!
We would love to help you find that perfect holiday gift!

back to chicago

A couple weeks ago I went back to Chicago to help my oldest son and his family settle in to their beautiful new home.  They have worked so hard on this remodel and I think they did an amazing job.  It will be a wonderful home for their family for years and years to come.  I thought I would share just a few new pictures of the back addition they did on this charming old Chicago home.

It looks amazing guys!  Thanks so much for the visit!  Can’t wait to come back soon!

family pictures

I am always kind of at a loss when it comes to displaying new family pictures.  I have so many frames in my home already, on walls and on shelves, so I am always hesitant to squeeze in one more.  Recently Easy Canvas Prints emailed me offering to try out one of their canvases.  I was so excited, as I have been wanting to do something with this photo of all the grandkids at the beach this summer.  I absolutely love the way it turned out!  And I love that I can just set it out in my home and it speaks for itself without needing a frame or anything else.  I am planning on ordering a larger one for my husband’s office because he loved it so much as well.  Have you ever ordered a picture printed on canvas?  What did you think?

first friday flea markets are back!

Our First Friday Flea Markets are back and we are so excited!   Just like last year we have lots of amazing local vendors selling jewelry, fresh flowers and vegetables, small paintings, quote frames and more!  And, of course, we will have coffee and donuts for you to enjoy as you stroll through all the loveliness.  We have just loaded up our sale room with great finds for 60% off and since we are feeling ever-so-nice, we decided all apparel will be 20% off tomorrow only.  And, lastly, this month we are also doing a raffle for anyone who just stops by and says “hi!” – so come and see us!

Friday Madness!

Can you believe it’s Friday already??
Well, with every Friday comes a madness of some sort and today it is 20% off all jewelry!
Come and check out all of the amazing jewelry we have in stock!
Maybe get a little bit of holiday shopping done early? Or just go ahead and treat yourself to something pretty..You deserve it!
Wishing you all a very spooky, magical, and safe Halloween full of tricks and treats!
Oh! and a very Happy Birthday to one of our very own Willowettes- Ms. Martha!

a girls’ day out

I took some of the granddaughters out for 10 year old Charlotte’s birthday for lunch and some shopping.  For such big age gaps, they are all so sweet together and get along so well.  Isn’t it the best to have cousins?  We had a wonderful afternoon, with the exception of one little snafu…  poor Lucy got stuck in a dress she tried on when the zipper wouldn’t pull back down.  It took about 7 adults and finally the woman from alterations to get her out of it a good 20 minutes later!  There were some tears (not only by Lucy…  poor Ruby was very upset about it all, as well), but who knew a free drink coupon could put smiles back on their faces so quickly.  Cheers to family!

repurposed collection

This is our latest collection from Library and we are calling it our “Repurposed Collection” as it is made from repurposed men’s clothes.  We also made a set of black velvet pillows to pull them all together and look especially perfect for fall.  What do you think?  And, of course, we had to make a couple pouches to go with it all…

getting ready for fall

Ok, so even if Phoenix doesn’t quite feel like fall yet, that’s no reason to not at least start getting ready, right?  Get yourself that new scarf or long sleeved shirt, put out some velvet pumpkins and pretend the leaves are changing.  We’ve got all sorts of lovely treasures to help that fall wardrobe you can’t wait to break out…