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Hi all! It’s Mari and I write as guest blogger for Design Shuffle, a fantastic social networking site for interior designers, architects, design professionals and enthusiasts to upload their work and receive lots of exposure. I love my work because I get to explore the beautiful world of interior design every day and then write about it, along with the great decorating ideas I discover along the way.†I’m so excited to be here at The Willows {blog} today. As you know, there’s always something very interesting going at The Willowsóand everyone feels so welcome.

Let’s talk about a subject near and dear to the hearts of many of you–vintage suitcases. We’re already hooked and can’t get enough of these intriguing pieces. They carry with them tales of yesteryear and bygone travel adventures. From our admittedly biased point of view, they add a historical feel, a sense of mystery and simply “belong” in any room. See what you think. We hope you enjoy these beautiful ways to decorate with vintage suitcases.

First Lady of the House (via)

Stacked to the ceiling in the corner of a traditional living room, this is an enviable collection of vintage suitcases. A great conversation starter!

Eclectic Revisited (via)

Vintage suitcases also work well in pale Swedish or French Country rooms. Don’t they look wonderful next to the grouping of hatboxes beneath this antique work bench?

French Larkspur (via)

Small pieces can also be used to great effect with other found objects and a bouquet fresh of flowers like this one casually arranged in a galvanized metal container.

Vintage Junky (via)

Another fabulous stack of vintage suitcases reaching almost to the ceiling looks really stunning in this entry and hallway. Think of all the extra storage they provide. Good looking decorative element and great functionalityóa perfect pairing.

Decorology (via)

A stylish display of luggage is an inspired choice to go with this “world traveler” vignette. Perhaps a bit more modern than many of the rooms we’re looking at today, but definitely one of the living room ideas to remember.

A Beach Cottage (via)

Regardless of which direction your bedroom design is going, vintage suitcases just might fit right in. White painted luggage makes a unique and functional bedside table in this eclectic bedroom.

SF Girl by Bay (via)

This totally personal and unique collection of cases is as eclectic as its surroundings. Think of the fun someone had searching for and finding those vintage treasures.

Design Happens (via)

And one last stack of vintage suitcases reminds us that the bedroom is always a great place to show off such a collection. And yes, they do seem to “belong” in this cozy and inviting room.

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and just like that its gone…

Is Christmas really over?  I honestly cannot believe it.  Several weeks ago now, we had our family Christmas party with an outrageous scavenger hunt, dinner at Pizzeria Bianco, delicious desserts and a gift exchange back home.  It is always so fun to have a night all together, just adults to eat, drink and laugh like crazy.  Unfortunately, I don’t really have any pictures of the scavenger hunt, but I’m not so sure we should share all that craziness anyway.  From there it was one thing to the next straight through until Christmas and then off to California for a week to ring in the new year.  With the madness that is always the holidays between family and the store, then throw on top some other things we had going on in our lives, the time has just flown by.  And this poor little blog has been neglected through it all.  So, hopefully the New Year will find us some time to get things going around here again.  Did you miss us?  We missed you!  

more from the shop

Just a few more peeks in the Willows…
My little shop, it sure has been a while…

give thanks!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend full of family, friends and lots and lots of delicious food!  We had a lovely day and, luckily, the slight showers that kept coming on and off all day never turned into actual rain, so we were able to eat outside as planned.  Everyone brought different dishes and we had so much wonderful food to share.  I feel so blessed to look down this long table at so many faces that I love!  What a wonderful holiday to remind us to really appreciate all that we have!  Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

We had quite a full table…

And, of course, I couldn’t pass up a little craft to keep the kids busy…
More to come on these fun little “snow globes” and how to make them yourself!
Also, mark your calendars for this Friday’s First Friday Flea Market.
We have all sorts of amazing things planned from fabulous vendors to crafts for you to delicious food.  Stay tuned for all the details!  You won’t want to miss it!

family t-shirts

One of my favorite summer traditions that we started a few years back was making t-shirts for all the grandkids with their number on the back.  They look so cute all wearing the same shirt and I just absolutely love this idea.  I highly recommend doing this if you are planning a family vacation or reunion.  We use a local lady from Phoenix, Nancy, who runs her own company, Novel Threads (  I am convinced she can do anything, from silk screening to embroidery.  I highly, highly, highly recommend her.  Email her at and get going on your family t-shirts!

and, of course, numbers on the back…

and then it was staged…

And here is the loft with its final look…

So, what do you think?

new growth on easter!

The always lovely, Lisa from the Willows shared this sweet picture with us.  She planted wildflower seeds in egg shells and got the very first sprouts Easter morning!  What a beautiful way to start the day!

an old french magazine

I came across this magazine I got many years ago while in Paris the other day.  I still love every page in it.  It is like a book you never want to get rid of.  One of the articles in it is about kids making and believing in magic and these little fairy houses they can build using the simple things you find in nature.  One of the quotes reads as follows, “Where you believe there is magic, you will find it.”  So sweet.  Anyway, I thought these little houses would be such a fun summer project.  Easy and free, yet whimsical and lovely.  Perhaps, I will get the grandkids to help make some of these with me out of driftwood this summer at the beach…


So glad summer is finally here.  Last week as I walked around the island enjoying all the signs of summer and the lovely front porches, I started to get so excited to have our whole crew out here again this year!  Only a few weeks away!  Last summer we had two new babies and this summer we have a new baby and a bride-to-be joining our clan.  I feel so very blessed.
Can’t wait!

Have a wonderful weekend!
Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

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There are numerous approaches to enhance your home; the most significant tasks for home improvement project is picking the right flooring for your home. A standout amongst the most prevalent flooring that utilized for lavatory and whatever other piece of home is tile flooring. On the other hand, it is difficult to pick color, finish, type and pattern of the tile floor, can make the task of picking the ideal time for your home improvement project daunting and complicated task. Today, in data time, we can check bounty site that give you direction to cut, set and picking the right tile. To spare your time, I give you an orderly guide on the best way to pick tile for your home.

The first step is verifying that you discover trusted and reliable flooring store. You can just visit your nearby flooring store, I prescribe you to pick mosaic tile designs Florida or you can visit online flooring store to get more variety and style for tile flooring. In the event that you are going by store, make a point to explore different avenues regarding diverse tile pattern and check the tile to get the thought of the last search for your home flooring.

The following step is arranging how you will cut the tile, particularly the particular case that will be placed in the corner. You can utilize a few techniques, for example, fold that cut tile as indicated by the situation and short tile that practice to fit corner.

The following step is measure and arrangements the tile on the room. Verify that you measure properly so you will have the capacity to pick the right tile size and put them properly. You may need to consider a tile estimate that permits you to make a hole from them. You may need to consult with the salesperson on your most loved retail location.